Clothing, Weaves by Sankalp

Handwoven Sarees

Silver for the tiny rivulets that dances by… covered in the mountain mist as blue as could be… This is a beautiful handwoven saree with a double-coloured border accentuated with silver zari and embellished with ‘buttas’ all over. Each of the buttas in the saree have been specially woven by hand, which makes it all …

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Weaves by Sankalp

Handwoven saree

“Nature’s first green is goldHer hardest hue to hold…” Simplicity always stands out! Amidst a plethora of vibrant colours, what makes the traditional Kerala Kasavu Saree with it’s off-white and gold combination stand apart is its quaint simplicity coupled with an unmatched elegance that is hard to beat.

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